The fast, fun and effective way to write your book THIS YEAR!

Have you ever thought you wanted to write a book?

But you think writing a book is hard work or you do not have the skills needed?

Or perhaps you think you just don't have the time?

Statistics shows that 80% of people want to write a book. But less than 1% do.

Most people think they are too busy, lack creativity or writing skills or time to write a book. But nothing could be further from the truth.

This is what you can accomplish in a year:

Let go of the resistance and excuses to writing your book.

Brainstorm the topic that wants to be written through you and create a clear easy to follown outline.

Tap into the power of accountability, intention and synergy to write your book faster and easier than you think possible.

Learn tricks to quickly edit, format and self-publish your book.

Create a marketing plan to give your book its best chance for success.

Transform your life and the lives of those your unique perspective is meant to impact.

Yes! Sign me up!

"Most people overestimate what they can do in a day. But under estimate what they can accomplish in a year." - Anthony Robbins

Hello Beautiful.

My name is


I have been where you are right now - thinking someday I will write a book. I even joined a $12,000 program promising me I would have my book written that year! What they meant was the "first draft" of a book.

I then joined writing workshops that were not conducive to writing at all. They promoted it had to be hard work, willpower and discipline.

I have done the whole gamut and know how to help you get your book written and published this year with fun, flow and ease while helping you let go of the resistance and excuses for not writing that book!

Here is the breakdown of our time together:


Release Resistance

Too often, we have yet to write our book due to fear and resistance. Once you know what holds you back, you can begin to shift it, making writing infinitely easier.


Brainstorm Ideas

Join a 4hr writing workshop to brainstorm ideas, tap into inspiration and start to write your book.



Join a weekly 2-hour group writing session to tap into the synergy created when writers write together. You'll get your book written faster than you think is possible and have more fun doing it!


Edit, Format & Publish

Learn tricks to proof, edit, format and self-publish your book quickly.


Market & Launch

Create a marketing plan to launch your book and increase the chances of its success.


What's Next?

Explore new possibilities to expand your sense of creating impact in the world.

Can you imagine having finally written that book?

What if it could change your life and open up possibilities in ways unimaginable from where you are now?

Will you heed the call?

Yes! I am READY!

Yes, some work is involved.

 But it doesn't have to be hard or complicated. And you do not have to do it alone.

I have a proven writing method that helps you tap into your intuition or inner knowing to outline your book. And then a writing style that taps into a writing synergy that makes the writing process fun and seemingly effortless.

Some teachers tell you to push through, grin and bear it. That was never my experience of writing.

Writing for 2, 4 or 8 hours at a time might seem challenging, but you will marvel at how quickly the time flies by and what you produce during these dedicated writing blocks.

Sounds AMAZING! Sign me up!

Your book won't write itself by chance or scrolling.

The path to published author is just a form submission away.



60-Day Full Money Back GUARANTEE

I know my system works! But you have to show up and spend the time writing.

2 hours a week is not a lot of time. If you can't make the time for what you claim you want to accomplish in your life, don't sign up.

But if you show up, write, and keep applying what I teach you, and you don't feel like it's working for you, then ask for a full refund. No questions asked.

No other workshop or program I attended offered any guarantee. That's how much I believe in my system.

You can do this. If you feel called to write, then write you must. And I'll show you the easiest path I know how to FINALLY get that book written and out into the world!

I am READY! Sign me up!

“I write because there is some lie that I want to expose, some fact to which I want to draw attention, and my initial concern is to get a hearing.” ― George Orwell


I am intrigued!

Ready to step into your EXTRAORDINARY life?

Writing a book can change your life in many ways. There is an amazing sense of accomplishment, increase in self-worth and confidence, when you realize you do have what it takes to complete a book.

It also frees your energy from wishing you will write a book to reveling in having written a book and all that accomplishment opens up for you.

Are you ready to experience the power of having a book written?

I will show you the most effective way to write a book in as little as 2 hours a week, and move from blank slate to published manuscript in a year.

Are you ready to change your life?