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Hello Beautiful!
My name is Marie-Josee. I help EXTRAORDINARY women like you say goodbye to self-doubt, stress and overwhelm so you can enjoy vibrant health, empowered relationships, and regain control of your time to live a life you love to wake up to every day.

Let's Talk!

Let's talk! Let's figure out where you feel stuck and what you most desire to create. Together we can break the invisible chain that keeps you feeling stuck.


Do you ever feel ...

  • overwhelm, stress or self-doubt?
  • like something is missing in your life?
  • like no matter how hard you work, it's just not meant to be for you?
  • or something is wrong with you?

You are not alone. More and more women are expressing overwhelm, stress and self-doubt is holding them back from living the life they know, deep down, they are meant to live!

I want to help you break the invisible chains you feel deep down so you can step into an EXTRAORDINARY life.

The life you feel in your clearest moments is real. And I want to show you how to step into it.

Are you ready to break those invisible barriers?

Let's talk.

Breaking the invisible chains that keep you stuck is my mission!

 After struggling with feeling inadequate, unworthy, unloved and unlovable for years, I finally decided to change my story.  What started as a quest to add more fun and play into my life, has turned into a passion that has helped to transform lives from feeling stuck, not belonging, judgement, guilt and shame to confidently living an extraordinary and vibrant life by design.

Imagine the freedom of living your most EXTRAORDINARY life. Think about what it would feel like to wake up every day loving the life you live.  How would it change your life?

Are you ready to create an EXTRAORDINARY life?

Let's Talk

Most people feel stuck in their programming.  

To break free, you have to understand how programs work.  A computer program, for instance, will continue to do exactly what it was designed to do until something changes.

That's because, "Nothing changes if nothing changes." 

You have to either change what goes into the program or change the program if you want to change the outcome. Sounds obvious, right? Yet, most people do not change anything. They just keep doing the exact same thing over and over expecting, or hoping, things will change.

Because most people think change = hard work.

Have you ever pushed yourself so hard that by the end of the day all you wanted to do was numb yourself in front of the television, social media, video games or some other distraction? That’s because we have a limited amount of sheer will power.  When you push too hard, you run out, and then you pull back.  And you re-enforce to yourself that it’s just not meant to be for you. You reinforce to yourself that it's hard work.

What if the transformation you want could happen effortlessly through desire, playfulness and openness to receive instead? 

It’s exactly what I have been doing for the last 20 years. And it all started at the lowest point in my life. I was ready to throw it all in and end my life.  And in that sliver of a moment where I had nothing to lose, my desire for life emerged.

I thought to myself, "if I am going to die anyway, why not live in the meantime?" 

I mean, why not do all the things I tell myself I cannot do? Why not stop pushing myself so hard to improve my life? What if I instead just enjoyed the time I have left here? Because if it doesn’t work out, well, then I can end it. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain.

As it turns out, my desire to live was so much stronger than my desire to die.  I did not end my life 20 years ago. It wasn't me that I wanted to kill. It was the part of me that kept me from living.  When I gave myself permission to live, life improved. I developed a will to live and experience all of life. And it happened through being open to my desires. When I stopped pushing myself so hard, I was able to live more fully and experience the beauty of this precious gift called life.

Today, I help people change their programing through playful transformational experiences and exercises designed to help them tap into their inner desire to live an extraordinary life. I help people expand into their greatest possibility through play.

When you are having fun, feel seen, heard, and accepted, transformation happens naturally and effortlessly. It allows you to open up to the greater possibilities that exist. And life becomes vibrant and meaningful again.

If any of this resonates with you, schedule a transformational call with me.  Let’s figure out what needs to be transformed in your life.

Let's Talk.

Because this is what I know about you …

  • You value traditions. There is a part of you that longs to be immersed in rituals and traditions.  You might feel a longing to get in touch with your ancestral roots and live a life infused with tradition and meaning.

  • You value self-expression. You understand the power of being seen, heard and accepted as you are.

  • You value life-enriching experiences. You have a deep desire to enjoy life fully. You have little interest in dulling yourself with video games, social media, television, or other addictive substances and negative habits. 

  • You are grateful for the gift of life. You find more delight in the life happening around you, such as a sprouting seed, than in social media, television, video games, or other addictive substances and negative habits.

  • You trust your intuition and inner guidance. You are willing to look deep in your heart for answers.

  • You are open to receiving. You do not let past defeats keep you down.  Instead, you are open in all areas of your life and want to remain open to receive all that life has to give.  And you are willing to open any part of yourself that you might have closed off.

  • You assume responsibility. You take responsibility for yourself in all areas of your life – the part you played and the areas where you gave up control.

  • You are a co-creator. You assume responsibility to co-create your life with the Universe, higher power or the divine.

  • You are a change maker. You do not accept the way things are by virtue of them having always been that way. Where you see a limitation or potential for better, you strive to do better.

  • You are authentic. You yearn to express yourself authentically with yourself and in your relationships.

  • You are an expander. You are willing to expand your capacity to dream, hope, desire, and to give and receive love and appreciation. You are willing to expand into the possibilities that do exist all around you.

  • You are honest. You are honest with others and most importantly with yourself.

  • You live with integrity. You do what you say you will do when you say you will say it. That includes commitments you make with yourself.

  • You value community. You understand the power of being in a supportive group of like-minded individuals you can trust to share experiences and push you to be your absolute best self.

  • You are willing to experiment with new things. You understand that to discover your passion, life purpose or uncover your deepest desires and dreams requires a willingness to try different things – to step outside of the known into the unknown. You are willing to be uncomfortable because you know that discomfort just means something is new.

  • You love nature. You understand the cycle of the seasons and trust the natural process. Even if you feel hurt or betrayed by life, you trust the rejuvenating and healing powers of nature.

  • You are goal oriented. You want to achieve your dreams and goals.

  • You are openminded. You know that the mind - ideas, meaning and stories - that has created your current reality is not the mind you need to move beyond your current reality.

  • You are growth oriented. You are interested in growth and willing to do the work involved.

  • You are emotionally intelligent. You are willing to get in touch your feelings. You understand the power of feelings to healing to feel.

  •  You are aware. You realize where you are right now is not where you want to be.

  • You take action. You understand the importance of taking action. You are ready to step into your fullest potential and will do what is required. You may not know the way, but you realize that there are things you can do today to get you closer to what you desire and sharpen your vision.

  • You want to have fun. You know that life is for living and you give yourself permission to play.

  • You want to tap into the feminine. You understand that we all have both the feminine and masculine energy within us.  You may suppress one energy, but you feel the disconnect and are open to reconnect.

  • You are ready to invest in yourself. You understand that where you are right now and your feeling of worthiness are interconnected.

  • You value empowering discussions. You love to philosophize about life, dreams and desires.  You long for encouraging and uplifting discussions with like-minded people.  You understand that hope is the expander of dreams. As long as you have the gift of another breath, there is hope for a brighter future.

In other words, you are EXTRAORDINARY.

Yet, you struggle because …

  1. You feel stuck. You are not where you want to be. Something is holding you back, somehow, some way, but you are not sure what it is.
  2. You feel unexpressed, unseen, or unheard. You have a deep desire to express yourself and stand in your full power and energy. But any attempt makes you feel more rejected, less worthy, less lovable. And you have a growing sense you do not belong.
  3. You feel your voice is suppressed. It’s difficult to voice your inner most desires, ideas, thoughts, inspiration because it is not met with any understanding. And so, you continue to suppress the gift you know is in you – the contribution you know you are here to make.
  4. You feel shame. You have made mistakes, and no matter how hard you try to turn things around, it just feels like you are bound to them. It’s as though your mistakes define you. It’s as though you are unworthy to take up space or exist.
  5. You keep yourself small. You shrink yourself so others do not feel small around you.  You might slouch in your chair instead of sitting up straight so others do not feel less adequate.  You might let others express themselves in ways that hurt you so you do not hurt them.
  6. You feel depressed. You sometimes feel unable to move forward, to get up, to face life.  You just want to numb yourself, your thoughts or desires.
  7. You feel empty. You give everything you have to give and life seems to return nothing back to you.
  8. Life feels really hard. You do not give yourself permission to rest, play, or laugh.  Instead you believe life is hard work and a constant struggle, so you keep pushing forward hoping for a day where it will all pay off.
  9. You have difficulty trusting others.  You worry about other people’s agenda to the point that you even withhold your innate generosity so others will not take advantage of you.
  10. You have closed yourself off from love, playfulness, joy. You might have been hurt in the past and vowed to never be vulnerable again.

But you know deep down life doesn’t have to be that way.


And that's why you are here right now.

Our paths have crossed because you know deep inside that life is meant for so much more. You know deep down you have so much more to give, express and experience.

I know because that is exactly how I felt all those years ago. And searching for a safe community where I can fully express myself and feel like I belong is exactly what I did. 

I knew something had to change. And you know that too.

I can tell you that life can be so much more than you have allowed yourself to imagine. All you need is a willingness to expand - a willingness to see the world differently.

"Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change." - Wayne Dyer

And that’s exactly what we do, together; we tap into the greater possibilities and potential that you have shut off long ago to protect yourself.

The person you are today is not the person you were in the past. You have grown, you have learned, you have experienced life, and whatever you developed to protecting you in the past is now keeping you stuck, feeling unfilled, unexpressed.

It’s time to reclaim your power. It’s time to craft a new destiny.

It’s time to live an EXTRAORDINARY life because you are an EXTRAORDINARY person and the world needs to see you fully expressed, thriving, vibrant and alive.

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive. Because what the world needs are more people who have come alive.” - Howard Thurman

Because when you do, you give others permission to do it also. You become a role model to others of what is possible. And together we EXPAND. We are no longer bound by the limitations that keep us small, stuck, shamed, depressed or unexpressed.

When you step boldly up into the person you know deep in your heart you are meant to be, you break the chains in your life. You break the chains of all those who will come after you. And you break the chains of all those who came before you too.

You realize you are not alone. You were never alone. You are being cheered on by all those that came before you, and you are being cheered on by all those that will come after you. You tap into a field of energy moving through you, wanting your greatest success.

You realize that when you set yourself free, you set everyone else free also.  You create hope, a better future and EXTRAORDINARY destiny. And you pave the way for others to follow.

It's a choice we all must make. Will you answer the call?

It’s time and it matters because YOU matter.

Join me on this EXTRAORDINARY journey to transform lives. It begins with the most important life you can change. Yours.

It starts with a conversation.

Let's talk.

"If you’re not telling your authentic, compelling story — you are not living your true purpose…and life is too short for that!"

Lisa Bloom

Deepak Chopra

“Instead of resisting any emotion, the best way to dispel it is to enter it fully, embrace it and see through your resistance.”

There is power in looking silly and not caring what you do.

Amy Poehler

Have you scheduled a call yet? Do it now. It might just be the most enlightening call you ever make.


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About me

My name is Marie-Josee.

I am a mom of two beautiful girls, wife to an amazing husband, and creator of a life I absolutely love to wake up to every day.

We live part of the year on a beautiful island in the Caribbean called Montserrat, and the other part in Toronto, Canada.

I have a double-major in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Western Ontario.

I spent the first half of my career in front of a computer screen saving companies time and money. Then, in 2016 my mother passed away prematurely of pancreatic cancer. They say that death spurs you into action. It is when you realize that your life is finite that you throw away all the reasons why not, and pursue all the reasons why.

I decided that life was meant to be lived. I now create online spaces where people can connect, practice spontaneity and authenticity through play to live an authentic life.

You get one chance at this life.

Live boldly. Live passionately. Live with purpose.

Live. Love. Laugh.