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You are so much more powerful than you have allowed yourself to realize so far.

Marie-Josee Borduas

Hi BEAUTIFUL, my name is Marie-Josee.


I help EXTRAORDINARY women like you create a vibrant life you love to wake up to every single day.

Imagine how enjoying vibrant health, supportive relationships, and having a clear direction towards your dream life might change your life.

Because let's be very clear.

"Nothing changes if nothing changes."

Do you want to wake up every day feeling on purpose?

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This is my Story


I was born out of wedlock in a small town in the Eastern townships of Quebec. My father abandoned my brother and me to be raised by our teenage mom before I was born. Unfortunately, my mom didn’t want children, least of all a girl. She was taught that girls are a burden, and she passed that belief on to me.

I had to work hard to prove myself. I ended up on my own just before my 17th birthday, and I continued to work hard and push my way through life.

But it didn’t matter how much I achieved; I still felt like a failure - unworthy, unloved and unlovable. I quit a good job, left a significant relationship, and found myself alone, with no family or support system. I was angry, depressed, feeling deep shame for my failure to make life work out. 

Then one day, I ran out of any willpower I might have had. Life was just too hard and not worth living. I wanted to die.

As I contemplated ending my life, a thought crossed my mind; “If I was going to die anyway, why not give myself permission to live in the meantime?” I thought, why not try out this thing called life and create my own rules, pursue my passions, and live fully – the way I thought life ought to be lived?  I had nothing to lose because if it didn’t work out, if I lost everything in the process of living, then I could end my life. I had nothing to lose.

And so, I set out to pursue interests that inspired me. I took time to indulge in hobbies that brought me joy. There was so much to discover and be passionate about that I finally understood the gift of this thing called life.  

And I realized I was worthy of living it.

Today I create safe spaces so you can expand into the EXTRAORDINARY life you know deep down in your heart you are meant to live. 

And when you say yes to your dreams and desires, you give others permission to say yes to theirs also.

We are all interconnected.

Awakken to your potential with Marie-Josee

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