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Ready to start living up to your full potential in your business and life?

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Coaching Mastery will help you unlock your hidden potential and break through perceived limitations!

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Do you aspire to be an EXTRAORDINARY transformation coach?

Do you have a desire to help people transform their life, relationship or business?

Have you taken a certification program or multiple programs, yet you feel less than empowered and are not quite sure what to do next?

Do you want support, to be coached and get more practice time coaching others?

Do you want to be part of a group that understands the importance of articulating your thoughts, ideas and insights to uplifts everyone around you?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you are not alone!

So many coaches experience a loss after training because they do not have the support, accountability, or group to practice what they have learned, continue to grow and gain insights.

"It's not what you know, but what you live that makes all the difference."

Chances are, you do not need more training, knowledge or information.  What you need is more experience as a coach, accountability, support and practice for continued growth.

All successful coaches work with multiple coaches.

Not because they can afford it, but because they know they can’t afford not to. You cannot sell others to coaching and investing in themselves if you are not willing to do the same.

"You cannot lead others down a path you didn’t travel yourself."

You are not meant to be alone in your practice, and you are not meant to have figured it all figured out before you start coaching.  But you do need to have a support system to make sure you continue to grow as a person and become the EXTRAORDINARY coach you know deep down you are meant to be.

And if you feel stuck, stagnant, or unable to move forward, despite all the experience and coaching on your side, you are definitely not alone. 

I went from certification program to certification program, unsure what to do with it for years. I dabbled here and there but didn't quite get my coaching practice off the ground until I figured out what I needed most was a place to continue practicing, expanding my experience, and coaching myself.

You need to surround yourself with other coaches walking the path, developing their skills, and willing to continue practicing regularly. You need to spend time with people who understand and want to support your growth. You need to feel the rewarding experience of helping others on their journey while feeling the support of others encouraging you on your journey.

That's what joining Coaching Mastery offers you!

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“There are three types of people in this world. The people who make things happen. The people who watch things happen. And the people who ask, 'what happened?'

Which do you want to be?”

― Steve Backley, The Champion in all of Us: 12 Rules for Success

What's Included:

Monthly Training

A themed lesson and area of focus for practice every month.

Monthly Live Q&A

Monthly Q&A calls to discuss and clarify the monthly theme.

Monthly Practice

Monthly themed skill practice sessions to coach and be coached.

1:1 Coaching

Up to 4 private 1:1 coaching sessions with me.

Conversation Cafes

Weekly space to have meaningful discussions, share ideas, thoughts and insights to springboard your growth.

Accountability Group

Weekly space to create accountability and get things done.

You might be wondering about the investment?

I spent over $20,000 on different coaching and training certifications. And if you are here, maybe you did too. But what those programs lacked is time to immerse in ideas, turn insights into words that create clarity and spark action, accountability and the opportunity to coach and be coached. That's what Coaching Mastery offers.

The investment is a fraction of what you might think for such an incredible offering.

You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, by checking out this opportunity.  Just fill out the form to get more details on 12 months of support, accountability and visibility.

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"You are best equipped to define who you are, your vision and your purpose when you have a safe space to voice your thoughts, ideas and insights." 

- Marie-Josee Borduas

The benefits of having a support group to give and receive coaching cannot be underestimated.

Increased insights and self-discovery.

Increased accountability.

Improved performance and productivity.

Winning mindset.

Improved confidence.

Enhanced perception.

Improved learning and retention.

Improved relationships.

Improved quality of life.

Valuable life skills.

Are you ready to maximize your impact in your life and the world?

Yes! I am interested.

Register before July 31 to gain bonus access to live workshops and live group events:

Monthly Workshops

Access to your choice of any four (4) of my LIVE monthly workshops offered over the next 12 months.

Reaching Higher Improv

One year membership to the online Improv Daily Community to continue to practice trusting your intuition, grounding and presence in a fun, non-judgmental space.

Meditation 360

One year membership to Mediation 360 - my archive of weekly meditations, which starts with the 21-Day Meditation Challenge to help you begin to create a habit.

The bottom line is, if you want to become an EXTRAORDINARY coach - creating the momentum you need to overcome any perceived obstacle in your life or business - you need support. 

All great coaches recognize the need for accountability and support to break through to their next level.  It's hard to pitch the idea that everyone needs a coach if you are hesitant to invest in a coach yourself.

Whether you are a certified coach, just beginning to explore your potential as a coach, Coaching Mastery is precisely what you need to create the confidence to launch your life and practice to the next level.

Coaching Mastery is a 12-month program to continue to develop confidence, improve strategies and continue to practice with like minded people on the path of growth, discovery and leadership.

Coaching Mastery is strategically designed helps you increase your confidence in your coaching skills through regular practice while adding new, more empowering skills to your toolbox so you can become the EXTRAORDINARY coach you know deep down you are born to be.

Send me details.

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About Me

My name is Marie-Josee.

I am a mom of two beautiful girls, wife to an amazing husband, and creator of a life I absolutely love to wake up to every day.

We live part of the year on a beautiful island in the Caribbean called Montserrat, and the other part in Toronto, Canada.

I have a double-major in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Western Ontario.

I spent the first half of my career in front of a computer screen saving companies time and money. Then, in 2016 my mother passed away prematurely of pancreatic cancer. They say that death spurs you into action. It is when you realize that your life is finite that you throw away all the reasons why not, and pursue all the reasons why.

I decided that life was meant to be lived. I now create online spaces where people can connect, practice spontaneity and authenticity through play to live an authentic life.

You get one chance at this life.

Live boldly. Live passionately. Live with purpose.

Live. Love. Laugh.

Are you ready?

If not now, then when? How much longer will you wait to create the lasting change needed in your life? Will you let another year slip away leaving next year to be the exact same as last year? Or will you invest in yourself and surround yourself with people ready to step to the next level?

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