Unapologetically You!

Have you ever thought what you want most in the whole world is just to be yourself?  Me too.

There is nothing more rewarding than waking up each day feeling fulfilled and on purpose because you feel empowered by being your best self.

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Do you know deep down you are meant for so much more but feel stuck in some way?

Do you sometimes feel unworthy, broken or damaged? A sort of deep seeded feeling that something is wrong with you?

Do you work hard yet only feel weighed down by the heaviness and struggle of life? Or do you find it difficult to gain any traction?

Do you sometimes wonder why you aren’t attracting the love and life you want?

You are not alone. 20 years ago I would have answered YES to all of these questions.

I know all too well the feeling that something is wrong with me. The feeling that somehow all my hopes and dreams are just not meant to be for me. The feeling that life is really hard work and a constant struggle.

I knew my life was meant to be so much more, but I played really small.  I flew under the radar, keeping out anyone's attention as much as possible. I feared being judged.

So I kept hiding parts of myself. It took many years and challenges before the burning desire inside felt too large to contain.  I started to feel like it was ready to explode. 

I had to start sharing my voice, but I still felt so stuck. 

It's the a feeling in your gut that something is waiting to burst, but in your mind, you don't know what to do.

I was determined to break through whatever was holding me back through hard work and achievement but I felt exhausted and depleted. I told myself I didn't know what to do.

I still felt, deep down, no matter how hard I worked, I still wasn’t living up to my full potential. It didn’t matter how hard I tried; my deepest longings remained just out of reach.

Does any of this resonate with you?

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At a certain point in our lives, we look around at everything and everyone around us and think, “there’s got to be more.” We’re no longer fulfilled. Life feels empty. We feel empty. Life isn’t giving us what we thought it would give us.

What if you must be the one to reconnect with your inner courage, discernment, and wild internal compass to walk the path of your true soul's calling?

We are not taught to follow our inner desires—quite the contrary, we are taught to conform, not risk too much, not stand out, not be too loud, not take up too much space, and not desire too much attention. 

We surrender our voice, inner longings, hopes and dreams, and spiritual calling because of a stronger desire to fit in.

And that served us for a while. 

But you know deep down it's time to reclaim and embody the inner strength, resilience, and inner-knowing you might have once had. 

You must be Unapologetically You!

Yes! I want to be Unapologetically Me!
I am ready to be EXTRAORDINARY!

“Surround yourself with those that only lift you higher.” - Oprah Winfrey

A seed in nature becomes its full programming - all it is designed to become - or it dies trying.

Yet, there is something in us that fears change, and we exert so much energy resisting the process of becoming who we are called to become.

Part of us feels we are just not good enough.

We fear who we will become if we allow ourselves to become ourselves fully. There is a part of us that fears living an extraordinary life.

So many people turn down the call, thinking, "Who am I to think I am any different?"

You are EXTRAORDINARY. We all are. And so few heed the call because of fear. Most people let their fear keep them from achieving greatness.

So my question to you is?

Will you heed the call, or will you let your fear stand in the way?

Fear is an illusion.

Fear is nothing but a messenger asking, "are you sure you want to do this?"

A seed has no choice but to become what it is programmed to become. The alternative is death or a life that feels dead inside.

I know that's where I was for years before discovering the secrets to living an EXTRAORDINARY life.

It starts with saying YES to being UNAPOLOGETICALLY YOU!

Yes! Let me in!

“I knew who I was this morning, but I’ve changed a few times since then” – Alice in Wonderland

This program is about unlearning who you think you are to discover who you truly are.

Over the 12 months together, we will practice basic principles so you can discover or re-discover: 


Opening to receive to remove constrictions around giving and receiving.

Feminine Energy

Tapping into your femininity to create and hold a vision and manifest your heart’s desire.


Getting familiar with the energy of what we consider good and bad to create more ease and flow in your life.

Exploring Emotion

Gaining an acceptance of all emotions to flow through us as a pathway to release feelings of guilt, shame and depression.

Creativity & Self-Expression

Gaining confidence to express your most authentic self outside the confines of right or wrong by tapping into your innate creativity, imagination, and play.

Inner child

Reconnecting to the part of you that knows the truth and has the power to create the change you want to make in your life.

Somatic Expression 

Moving out of your head into your body to release tension around feeling stuck, broken, or unworthy so you can dissolve what you think you know into an experience that you live.


Embracing who you are, as you are, and giving you the courage and voice to show up as your true self in the world.


Reconnecting to your essential self – who you have always been under the façade, mask or wall you constructed to keep you safe.

We all share an innate need to be in a community.

Growing into the fullest expression of yourself is not something you can do alone. What was wound up in a relationship needs a relationship to unwind. 

But we need a place where we feel safe, heard, and supported to break free of the perceived barriers. 

That’s why it is vital to be in a community with other women ready to rise above their circumstances, break through their inner barriers, and live a life that is the fullest expression of who they are. 

UNAPOLOGETICALLY YOU is a safe space to model for each other, voice our deepest longing and desires and live the fullness we feel inside. A safe space to be seen, heard and supported on your journey of becoming who you know deep down you are. 

UNAPOLOGETICALLY YOU is an experiential journey where you get to practice being yourself by trusting your inner wisdom, intuitive guidance, divine feminine beauty  through curiosity, play and presence.

I am in! Send me more information!

What people are saying about this program.


UNAPPOLOGITICALLY YOU is a fantastic journey to reawaken your soul.


It has transformed my life in ways I could not have imagined stepping into the program.


This community of women is a powerhouse of beauty, strength and courage.

Ready to step into EXTRAORDINARY?

All you have to do right now is say YES! to yourself and fill out that form. Don't let this year be the same as last year. Don't waste the precious gift of time you were given here being anything less than EXTRAORDINARY.  Give yourself permission to shine so others receive permission by your example.  It matters because YOU matter.

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About Me

My name is Marie-Josee.

I am a mom of two beautiful girls, wife to an amazing husband, and creator of a life I absolutely love to wake up to every day.

We live part of the year on a beautiful island in the Caribbean called Montserrat, and the other part in Toronto, Canada.

I have a double-major in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Western Ontario.

I spent the first half of my career in front of a computer screen saving companies time and money. Then, in 2016 my mother passed away prematurely of pancreatic cancer. They say that death spurs you into action. It is when you realize that your life is finite that you throw away all the reasons why not, and pursue all the reasons why.

I decided that life was meant to be lived. I now create online spaces where people can connect, practice spontaneity and authenticity through play to live an authentic life.

You get one chance at this life.

Live boldly. Live passionately. Live with purpose.

I am ready to live with PASSION.