Have you ever felt a tugging at your heart?

A sort of longing to be, do, have, create or experience something greater? Is there a restlessness compelling you to reach beyond what you have allowed yourself to dream so far?

Are you living a life worthy of you?

Your deepest longings and desires leave clues so you can recognize what makes you feel truly alive and pursue it.

The Life Mastery program guides you in an easy to follow, bite-size format - as little as 10 minutes a day - to live to your fullest potential.

Make the change that changes everything.


“If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.” ― Gospel of Thomas

Are you longing for something more in any area of your life?

Are you longing for something that seems just outside of your reach?  Is there a seed of potential within you waiting to burst forth?  Is there something uniquely yours still to be expressed into the world? Do you feel like time is passing you by with a gift remaining unexpressed inside of you? 

That feeling of longing for something bigger, more significant, or stronger than anything you have been able to achieve so far is you awakening to your true human potential.  It is an indication that you are at the cusp of a profound and meaningful role you need to play to shape your future, the future of those you care about, and, ultimately, the world.

"I haven't met anyone who doesn't have many gifts, but I meet people all the time who wonder if they have just one." – Marie Forleo

 The very fact that you are asking yourself that question is a sign that you have a gift, strength, or ability that is unique to you. It is something that comes so naturally, you do not even think of it as a unique gift.  But when you are in that gift zone, it makes you feel truly alive.  The key is to find and develop your strength to express it into your life to its full potential.

I was able to figure out my strength when I became clear about the life I wanted to live and started to integrate more of those experiences into my life.

But how I could use these strengths to benefit others didn't fully develop until I created a new consistent habit in my life. And this is the key – create a new consistent habit in your life. Whatever you want in your life must be consistently at the forefront of your thoughts every day.

That is why people speak of affirmations and leaving notes around your house as a daily reminder of what you want. But affirmations alone are not enough. You must take consistent and deliberate action every day.

The life mastery program incorporates consistent daily action with essential questions you need to ask yourself to raise your awareness and begin to see things differently. 

Like many other people who yearn to reach higher in some area of their life, you may feel overwhelmed with the HOW.  It is a stumbling block that keeps most people from taking any action at all.  But the answer is not in the HOW.  In fact, HOW will reveal itself as you move forward.  Instead, you want to keep your focus on the WHAT.

What is it that you want to do, be, have, experience, or create in your life?  When you become crystal clear about WHAT, you can begin to step forward in faith towards it.

You might have spent years working on yourself, building more meaningful relationships, designing a life you love, or creating a deeper sense of purpose and meaning. But while you might have made some progress, you might still feel restless for something that seems just outside of your reach. And what comes up for many people is lack of resources - money, time, support, or education. The truth is that believing any excuse of scarcity is what is keeping you stuck. 

You need to move beyond excuses into action.  What would you do if you had all the time, money, support, education or resources needed?

Begin it.

The fact that you are struggling is not a personal failure.  It is your awareness of a calling that is bigger than you know how to reach towards.

It is not about being anything you want to be if only you try hard enough. It is about finding out who you are and being authentically you. 

Think of it this way, the way you think has gotten you where you are right now.  But the thinking that has brought you where you are right now is not the thinking you need to move forward, beyond where you are now - to your extraordinary life.

"The source of authentic power to bring forth your best life, express the fullness of your creativity, and have the biggest impact in the world is within you—just waiting to be awakened and unleashed." – Claire Zammit, Feminine Power

Let me help you awaken that power that is within you. Don't listen to another excuse as to why right now is not a good time. 

It is time, and you are worth it. 


Make the change that changes everything.

"Nothing changes if nothing changes."

If you want to change something in your life, you have to make changes in your life.

The same strengths that got you where you are today are what is keeping you from reaching the next level.


Overview of the Life Mastery Program.

Week 1 - Openness.

The first module is designed to help you understand your destiny and rediscover your human potential.

You'll learn:

  • The importance of awakening your dream and present it to the world.
  • The importance of committing to your dream or vision for your life.
  • How significant your thoughts are to reaching your potential and co-creating the life you truly desire.
  • The mind body connection for health, wellness and materializing your heart’s desires.
  • To open up to the possibilities that exist, beyond what you have allowed yourself to dream so far.
  • Challenge the beliefs which hold you back from achieving your full potential.
  • To love the life you live to co-create the life you desire and be who you are meant to be.

Week 2 - Clarity.

The second module is designed to help you apply your best thinking to clearly define what you want.

You'll learn:

  • The importance of focus to achieve anything that we want in life.
  • How to clearly define what you would really love.
  • Tune in to what we want by being aware of our discontent, longing and regrets.
  • How to manifest your gift and creating a life by design.
  • The value of asking higher quality questions to get better results in your life.
  • The power of your thoughts to create your reality.
  • Inner hygiene - clearing the mind.

Week 3 - Congruence.

In the third module we are going to test out our vision and make sure it is congruent with who we are, with our values and priorities.

You'll learn:

  • To align your thoughts, so they are congruent with your desires.
  • To explore your beliefs about yourself and others.
  • The importance of intentionally programming the subconscious mind.
  • To examine how your beliefs are formed through your conditioned way of thinking.
  • The concept of discipline and growth – everything in the Universe is either growing or dying.
  • The importance of commitment and the power of decisions.
  • That living life on purpose is about taking definitive action to turn your dreams into reality.

Week 4 - Confidence.

In the fourth module we explore the idea that confidence is having a feeling, or belief, of trust that you can create anything you set your mind to create.

You'll learn:

  • The importance of shifting our perspective to establish greater confidence.
  • To clear any limiting beliefs that no longer serve you.
  • Who you think you are, and begin to build the confidence to be who you want to be.
  • To gain the support of the subconscious mind as a tool to build confidence.
  • How developing new skills helps us build confidence in your abilities and helps propel you towards fulfilling your dreams.
  • The power of creating habits.
  • To develop an attitude of gratitude to increase your confidence in yourself and in your dreams.

Adventures most people only dream.

In 2006 we did the unthinkable. We quit our jobs and went on an adventure of a lifetime.


Week 5 - Intention.

In the fifth module we learn about the driving force behind any endeavor or dream.

You'll learn:

  • You have the freedom to choose the intentions for our life.
  • The concept of designing a life worthy of you based on the questions you are willing to ask yourself.
  • To explore the transformation happening around us and in our own lives.
  • To ask for what you want to receive.
  • the value of necessity and determination in the fulfillment of our desires.
  • The importance of having a plan towards fulfilling your vision for living an extraordinary life.
  • The cost of distractions in your life, as well as how to reduce them.

Week 6 - Courage.

In the sixth module we will investigate how to build courage and determination towards creating the life you want to live.

You'll learn:

  • To create a new sense of awareness of your fears.
  • That you are free to write your story any way you want.
  • The importance of giving and dissolve the myth that you live in a world of scarcity.
  • To dispel the notion of limitations and learn the value of perseverance in spite of perceptions.
  • The importance of increasing your sense of deserving the life you want to live.
  • To transform what might appear to be stumbling blocks into stepping stones.
  • The importance of giving yourself permission to follow your dream.

The courage to do something new.

Most people have a healthy fear of snakes - myself included.  Life Mastery is about doing something different, stepping out of your comfort zone and experiencing life fully.

(You don't have to pick up a snake, but I do dare you to face your fears.)


Week 7 - Responsibility.

In the seventh module we explore the idea that how you choose to perceive what happens to you, and what you make of it, is your responsibility.

You'll learn:

  • Your choice to act or not act, no matter how you feel.
  • The principles of the harvest to gain an understanding of how they can apply in your life.
  • The importance of hearing and listening to your intuitive guidance.
  • To clear the clutter in your life to make space for what you really want.
  • The importance of giving to activate the law of circulation in our lives.
  • The power of liberating yourself through forgiveness.
  • The importance of finding and surrounding yourself with people who see your vision, value your work and want to support you.

Week 8 - Presence.

In the eight module we will discuss the importance of being present and holding your vision. Being true to yourself.

You'll learn:

  • About our relationship with expectations and anticipation.
  • To explore the idea of meeting with the energy, or creative power, behind the Universe.
  • To let go of our need to control the outcome and let go of the end result.
  • To set our life on a path to experience more coincidences and use them as momentum to create more serendipitous moments.
  • That time as we know it is a man-made illusion.
  • About the frequency we are tuned into and consider our responsibility to change it.
  • To practice self-love to learn to truly love beyond ourselves.

Week 9 - Discipline.

In the ninth module we discuss your responsibility for the actions you take and the level of energy you put out into the world.

You'll learn:

  • The importance of taking immediate disciplined action.
  • How to be disciplined about your level of energy.
  • To ask more empowering questions.
  • That doing your absolute best is relative.
  • About our need for rest and the types of rest that truly refuels our energy.
  • To see through any illusion, to see, and know ourselves.
  • To be absolutely congruent with our values in all areas.

Week 10 - Commitment.

In the tenth, and last, module we focus on your commitment to living your extraordinary life.

You'll learn:

  • To commit to the responsibility we hold in our life, and for our life.
  • To focus on the end of your life.
  • To create a sense of urgency.
  • To take action, even if it is not perfect.
  • To create a mindset of persistently and consistently pursuing our dreams by quitting before we start.
  • To commit to shifting our perception, emptying our cups, and challenge basic assumptions.
  • To renew our commitment to growth.

Invest in yourself

Invest in yourself and begin the process to step beyond any perception of block or lack and begin to integrate new, more empowering habits in your life that open the door to meaningful success in any area of your life.

You have a few options:

1) BRONZE. Sign up to the program, listen to the audio recordings only 10 minutes a day, one day at a time, or at your own pace. You have access to all the worksheets to dig deeper if you so choose, every day.

2) GOLD. Increase accountability with access to weekly live group coaching sessions and email support. With this package, you can send me any question that comes up during the week and share your progress for additional insights or feedback. 

3) PLATINUM. Create accountability with one-on-one weekly coaching, where I help guide you to increased clarity in the one particular area you are working on in your life. These sessions help create the awareness and focus you need no matter what you want to be, do, have, create, experience, or express in your life.  This level also includes UNLIMITED weekly emails for the full 10 weeks of the program.


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  • Full audio program
  • Downloadable mp3 audio files
  • Worksheets
  • Transcripts
  • Unlimited email support*
  • Weekly insightful conversations*
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  • Life-time access

Receive weekly 1:1 private coaching for 10 weeks from the date of registration.


*Access to Q&A Coaching and Insightful Conversations group sessions for the full 10 weeks of the program so you have support to clarify and move you forward each step of the way.

About Me

My name is Marie-Josee.

I am a mom of two beautiful girls, wife to an amazing husband, and creator of a life I absolutely love to wake up to every day.

We live part of the year on a beautiful island in the Caribbean called Montserrat, and the other part in Toronto, Canada.

I have a double-major in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Western Ontario.

I spent the first half of my career in front of a computer screen saving companies time and money. Then, in 2016 my mother passed away prematurely of pancreatic cancer. They say that death spurs you into action. It is when you realize that your life is finite that you throw away all the reasons why not, and pursue all the reasons why.

I decided that life was meant to be lived. I now create online spaces where people can connect, practice spontaneity and authenticity through play to live an authentic life.

You get one chance at this life.

Live boldly. Live passionately. Live with purpose.

Live. Love. Laugh.

Frequently Asked Questions


What people are saying about Life Mastery:


"I have fully completed your course. I didn't find it difficult at all. It was actually something I looked forward to. I have learned a lot and it has made me realize not just one thing but many about myself. I have started to eat the frog 1st thing in the morning. I have loved learning that I am a self actualized individual. I learned the importance of forgiving myself and others. I learned that anything is possible. I learned about not listening to self talk. I learned about discipline. I learned about who I am and what I am about and the unique gift that I have to share with the world. I am forever grateful to God for you putting in the ad and myself answering it."


"I see incredible value in this program.  The modules are user friendly and don’t take a huge commitment.  You have put in a lot of thought, research and a whole whack of soul searching to complete this.  I put in one of my worksheets that you are a role model for me.  Keep up the great human work!  I’m a true fan!" 

Your destiny is calling.

Step into your full potential to:

  • Create a life beyond your ability to imagine it right now.
  • Create a thriving business that lights you up.
  • Meet the person of your dreams or transform your existing relationship into the loving relationship you yearn to have.
  • Feel more confident in who you are and what you are here to be, do, have, create, experience, or express in your life.
  • Contribute outside of yourself.
  • Be recognized for your contribution.
  • Generate connections and support.
  • Increase your level of energy.
  • Increase your health.
  • Step out of depression, anxiety, or worry.
  • Feel alive and manifest your unique gift into the world.
  • Heighten your ability to find answers from within yourself to overcome any obstacles life presents.

Life Mastery is a 10 week program designed to help you integrate and practice the 10 traits essential for success into your life in as little as 10 minutes a day.

Invest in yourself. You are worth it.


28-Day Refund Guarantee.

Sign up today and try the program for 4 weeks absolutely risk-free. If you do not like it, or do not feel the content has any value for you, request a no-questions-asked refund.  I know this program works, but if you think it doesn't work for you, then I want you to have your money back. Guaranteed.