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Tap into the power of accountability and synergy that comes from writing as a group to get more writing done in less time!

It's the fun, easier way to write!

Why join?

Embark on a transformative writing journey where creativity thrives, support abounds, and your unique voice and writing style is celebrated!

Weekly 2-Hour Sessions

Dive into the world of words every week, dedicating two blissful hours to your craft. This consistent commitment nurtures your writing skills and fosters a sense of community.

Fun and Connection

Say goodbye to the solitude of writing in isolation. Feel more joy, creativity and acceptance. When joy is injected into the writing process, brilliance follows.

Tapping into Synergy

Experience the magic that happens when creative minds come together. The weekly sessions help you tap into the collective energy of the group, sparking inspiration and pushing your writing to new heights.

The Power of Sharing 

Uncover the power and confidence that comes from sharing your work in a supportive environment. Your voice matters and contributes to the richness of our collective tapestry. You are a great writer with a unique and vital perspective.

"Most people overestimate what they can do in a day. But under estimate what they can accomplish in a year." - Anthony Robbins

Why Write?

Writing can have a diverse and profound impact on an individual's well-being, personal development, and quality of life.


Move beyond self-imposed limitations and step into a realm of boundless creativity. A writing group is a catalyst for transformation, helping you break free from old narratives and embrace the vibrant storyteller within.

Create a Life You Love

Writing is not just a skill; it's a life design tool! Writing infuses your life with the vibrancy and aliveness that comes from expressing your authentic voice.

Diverse Perspectives

Immersing yourself in a melting pot of perspectives enriches your own writing, providing fresh insights and broadening your creative horizons.

Advocacy and Empowerment

Writing empowers you to share your perspective, make your voice heard, and become an influence for positive change.

We write in short, focused bursts (typically 25 minutes) followed by a short break. This method helps maintain concentration, boost creativity and facilitates a state of flow.

Engaging in a regular writing practice offers a multitude of benefits, including personal and cognitive aspects, such as:


Writing allows individuals to articulate their thoughts, emotions, and experiences in a way that can be deeply personal and cathartic.

Clarity of Thought

The act of putting thoughts into words helps refine thinking processes, making complex concepts more understandable and coherent.

Stress Reduction

Writing, particularly in the form of journaling or expressive writing, allows individuals to release pent-up emotions and gain perspective on challenging situations.

Creativity and Imagination

Whether through fiction, poetry, or creative nonfiction, writing allows individuals to explore and expand their creative boundaries.

Personal Growth and Reflection

Documenting experiences, lessons learned, and personal insights, individuals can track their journey, identify areas for improvement and create a  new more empowering narrative.


Writing encourages the exploration of different perspectives and the generation of potential solutions, aiding in decision-making processes.

Communication Skills

The ability to convey thoughts and ideas clearly and persuasively in writing is valuable in various personal and professional contexts.

Memory Improvement

The act of writing, whether in the form of notes or journal entries, helps encode information and reinforce retention.

Goal Setting and Planning

Whether through to-do lists, goal journals, or project outlines, writing helps turn aspirations into actionable steps.

Catharsis and Healing

Many individuals find healing and a sense of release through expressive writing practices.

Preserving Memories

Journals, memoirs, and autobiographies preserve personal histories, providing a legacy for oneself and future generations.

Entertainment and Enjoyment

Writing and reading one's own work or the work of others provides a pleasurable and fulfilling way to spend time.

Be part of a community that believes in the power of each individual story.

Two Payment Options:

3 Months

$297 $97


  • Weekly 2-hr group flow writing sessions¬†($300 value)
  • Monthly Beginner Improv session to boost creativity, spontaneity and self-trust.¬†($30 value)
  • Semi-Annual Flow Writing¬†Workshop¬†($75 value)

12 Months

$997 $297


  • Weekly 2-hr group flow writing sessions¬†($1,200 value)
  • Monthly Beginner Improv session to boost creativity, spontaneity and self-trust.¬†($120 value)
  • Semi-Annual Flow Writing¬†Workshop¬†($150 value)

Let your words ignite a world of possibilities!

Satisfaction Guarantee

I want you to be 100% satisfied with your investment.

If after your first group writing session you do not think the writing style or connection and support you receive is beneficial to your writing goals, then please reach out to me within 24 hours to get a full refund.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.