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Who is currently cheering you and supporting you to reach your goals?

Who helps you clarify what you need to do most right now to keep moving in the direction of your dreams, yearnings and desires?

All successful people have a coach, mentor or advisor, and all too often, all three.

We all need guidance.

We all need someone to show us our blind spots.

We all need someone to hold us accountable to ourselves.

We all have questions about navigating life to achieve our fullest potential.

That’s precisely what Q&A Coaching is about.

I am interested!

You have Questions, I have Actions!

Not Answers – aka more information – but ACTIONS because the last thing you need is MORE information.

You already have all of the information you need, and you already know exactly what to do. 

But you are keeping yourself from doing it.

That's because we have all been conditioned or programmed in a specific way to keep us safe and comfortable.

But safe and comfortable, for most people, doesn't even feel safe and comfortable.

It feels somewhat uncomfortable. Sometimes greatly uncomfortable.

That's because you have been endowed with a seed of potential.

And that discomfort you feel, it's your seed trying to break free, grow and become all it was designed to become.

Got it! Take me back to the registration form!

Have you ever sprouted a seed in a bag?

It becomes a tangled mess.

It's like it doesn't know which way is up.

But that same seed in the earth will grow strong roots down and shoot straight towards the sun.

It will reach upward, straining itself to achieve its full potential.

If you feel stuck, your seed might be a tangled mess.

But if you learn to trust yourself, trust your intuition, lean into your yearnings and desires, and TAKE ACTION on what you know, then you will create solid roots and shoot straight up too!

That's why this is not about sending you more information.

Got it! Send me more information!

I want to send you a specific action to take from where you are right now to where you want to go.

Think of it like a GPS signal.

When you send me your question, it will help me gauge your current location and desired destination.

And I can send you the action to take to begin to move in the right direction.

Of course, whether you take action is up to you.

Just like your GPS. It can tell you where you are on the map, and it can show you the way to where you claim you want to go. But then it's up to you to follow instructions.

No course, webinar, seminar or workshop will give you the clear guidance you need.

That's because you already know what to do, and more information only confuses you into thinking you have no idea what to do. In a general course, I might give you ten different ideas, all perfectly valid, but they just add to the confusion.

That's why I will help you clear through the confusion and send you only one action step.

Because the key to your success is not MORE information, it's the EFFECTIVE use of all the information you already have!

I want to register.

I receive weekly emails from people starving for clear, practical direction and this is what they tell me …

“I no longer trust myself to take the right action.”

“I can’t access my intuition.”

“I feel defeated by my past failed attempts.”

“I have lost my confidence in myself,” or “I have lost my confidence in life.”

“Life has lost it’s spark.”

“I feel like my dreams are just not meant to be for me.”

Have you ever thought or said any of these things?

I have to tell you; it's not your fault.

This generation is being bombarded with information like never before in the history of humankind.

No other generation has had to sift through so much information.

It makes sense; for centuries, those who had more information thrived.

We did everything in our power to acquire and distribute information.

But today, there is so much; it only causes more confusion.

Too much information now contributes to the feeling of having LESS power.

And that's why I created Q&A Coaching.

You have a Question, and I have a clear Action step for you.

I created this service to help EXTRAORDINARY people like you overcome the stress, anxiety and overwhelm of information overload.

Because it's not that there is anything wrong with you. There has been a massive shift in the availability of information - we have never known so much yet achieved so few results.

That's why when you can clearly articulate where you are right now through a clear and specific question, I will send you the action step to get you moving in your desired direction.

What's the next step?

What is included:

Unlimited Email Access

You can send me a clear question to answer as often as you need an action step.

Weekly Open Hour

Being coached in a group setting helps us practice tracking what is moving within us and giving it voice.

Discounted 1:1 Coaching

As an active member of Q&A Coaching you get 80% off up to 2 coaching sessions per month.

Sounds too good to be true.

Sign me up before you change your mind!

How much does this exclusive service cost?

I know what you are thinking, “unlimited email Q&A Coaching, that’s worth a fortune!

And you would be right.

There is tremendous value and opportunity for you here.

Will you seize this opportunity?

It’s a fraction of what you might think such a service would cost.

Let me ask you, how much did you pay for your GPS device? Or should I say, your phone?

Because that’s sub-standard tech compared to Actions tailored to your Questions.

All your GPS can do is give you directions to move your physical body. But it can’t give you direction to take the right action step that keeps you moving in the direction of your goal or achieving your dreams and desires.

And that’s exactly what Q&A Coaching will do for you.

And, because I want to make sure that I offer the most expedient and outstanding service possible, I have to limit the number of applicants.

That means, I am quite selective about who can use this service.

I want people who are ready to take action and move in the direction of their dreams, yearnings and desires.

Is that you?

The first step is to fill out the form at the top of this page to get started.

Yes! I am ready to take action!

I offer a significant discount to those ready to take action within 24 hours. That's because I want to make the decision easy for you to make. Indecision wastes energy that could better be used creating the life you love to wake up to every day. In life you get more of what you chose to practice, so practice making decisions quickly. It's a learned skill.

"You are best equipped to define who you are, your vision and your purpose when you have a safe space to voice your thoughts, ideas and insights." 

- Marie-Josee Borduas


Are you ready?

If not now, then when? How much longer will you wait to create the lasting change needed in your life? Will you let another year slip away leaving next year to be the exact same as last year? Or will you invest in yourself and surround yourself with people ready to step to the next level?

I am READY to invest in myself and live my BEST life!