Create an Extraordinary Life with Improv

Improv is so much more than sketch up comedy and theatre.

The benefits of improv, such as creativity and spontaneity, carry into and enhance our life. It increases our ability to resolve issues. It helps us look at problems in different ways. It allows us create new meanings. To ask empowering questions. To bust through limiting beliefs. To create the life you truly want to live.
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A theme for every preference.

Improv applies to so many different aspects of life which means we can practice using tools and exercises aligned to our personal preferences. Join us on themes that speak to you and forgo those that do not.  The rules of improv apply to all sessions, no matter the theme.

Beginner Exercises

In this improv session, we practice simple games and exercises to practice improv skills in a fun way.


Authentic Relating

In this improv session we use authentic relating exercises and prompts to practice spontaneity, clarity and connection.


In this improv session we use opening lines, prompts and "what if" scenarios to practice creativity and writing skills.



In this improv session, we practice debating various topics in favor, as well as against, no matter what our actual point of view.

Clear Limiting Beliefs

In this improv session, we practice exercises geared to give us insights into our perceived limitations.

Dream Building

In this improv session, we work with exercises that help us expand our vision of ourselves, events, and our future.

Join our improv group! It's FREE!

What is this group about?

Reaching Higher Improv is all about creating the life you want to live by practicing improv games, exercises and skills. What you practice improves. It gets easier to be the person you want to be. Over time, you see the joy, spontaneity and creativity overflow into your life as you apply new problem solving skills to life's challenges. You learn to assign new meaning. To see the world differently. To practice joy and gratitude.

This is just a short list.

We tend to wander through life aimlessly. Some of us do look for our purpose. But we hope we will somehow get hit in the face with the one thing we must pursue. The one thing that will give meaning to our lives. Others wish for a better tomorrow. They hope to win the lottery or to finally get their lucky break. Others have given up altogether, going about their life saying things like, "it's just not meant to be for me." Or "I couldn't do that."

Find out what is in you, what makes you feel truly alive, and pursue it with all you've got.

A seed naturally becomes. It yearns forward in spite of obstacles or circumstances. In spite of a lack of water. In spite of having less than ideal conditions. Every single day striving to become what it is destined to become no matter the circumstances it faces. In this way, nature always finds a way. We must be like nature. We must find a way to be who we are destined to be. To do this, we must know who we are at our core. We must be true to our values. We must know ourselves. Deep down.

Find out who you truly are. And then openg up the possibilities which exist for you to fully express yourself to the world. To fully let your light shine. To live fully every day of your life.

Join our improv group! It's FREE!

I am working on a improv handbook - a resource of exercises, ideas and writing prompts.

This is a great resource for anyone who wants to lead a group of their own, use in their life coaching practice, or just expand on their skills to practice creativity and spontaneity while having fun with friends and family.
And I am eager to share it all with you!  If you want to be the first to know when it is ready, click the link below.


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