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Are you shedding old skin?

awareness growth Jun 30, 2022

I came across a startling revelation on my last walk.

It's been years since I observed the phenomenon that everything in nature is either growing or dying. We human beings are no different; growth is a natural law.

We too often get confused because we don't quite know how things work - the laws of nature or the Universe.

We berate ourselves for a bad day, feeling slightly off our game.

We berate ourselves for the skills we have not yet acquired or for outgrowing something we thought we would have forever - a relationship, a job, a sweater.

But what if those are our growing edges? What if, just like snakes and lizards, we too outgrow our current state, and these off days are the way we shed off old skin?

It turns out it's an observable phenomenon. In the energy world, we humans on the path of growth do outgrow our current energy field. And when things are shifting energetically, we feel it. At first, it's like going through mud or molasses. And if we breathe through whatever feels off and let it be, we reach the other side renewed; old skin shed off. Mud and molasses actually do that.

So the next time you feel a little down or out, something is not quite working, or you seem to dislike people you usually care about, take a deep breath. Realize this might just be a growth edge. Embrace the mud that takes you to the next level.

In love,

Live. Love. Laugh. It matters because YOU matter.

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