The Secret to Loving Yourself

self-love Jun 29, 2021

You may have heard about the importance of self-love, but what does it even mean? 

It’s not like you can kiss and hug yourself. Can you? And, should you? 

How exactly do you go about loving yourself?  It’s not something we are usually taught.  In fact, you are more likely to have been taught not to be selfish and to give to others instead of yourself. 

But your relationship with yourself is the most significant connection in your life. After all, you spend more time with yourself than you anyone else.  Yet, it’s easy to forget about nurturing that relationship with yourself. 

Louise Hay, one of the founders of Hay House, was well known for practicing self-love. She carried a mirror in her pocket to see herself frequently throughout the day and hold conversations with herself. That mirror in her pocket was a reminder to nurture her relationship with herself regularly. 

If you knew her, you might have thought her...

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