Why Improv?

improv Mar 27, 2021

Most people think of improv as sketch comedy and entertainment. But what if I told you that improv started as a means to increase creativity and collaboration?

It makes a lot of sense because we human beings are innate players. One need only watch a child to understand this is true. We want to play. The reason we don’t is someone at some point told us it was time to get serious, to work hard and play less.

Yet play helps us learn and practice new skills in a way that is both fun and seemingly effortless. While we might think we are wasting time as we play, what we are actually doing is reprogramming our brain to think in new, more creative ways.

So how did it all start?

You might have heard of Viola Spolin. She is widely known for her part in creating improvised theatre education in North America. She worked in the fields of acting and social work and ran a program for groups of immigrant children and adults known as The Hull House in Chicago. Neva Boyd, her mentor, is...

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