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Can't Sleep? Don't make it a habit!

awareness growth transformation Jul 22, 2023
Book: Can't Sleep? Don't make it a habit!

So there you are, once again, staring at the ceiling as you have for more nights than you can count. You've tried EVERYTHING and still get the same results - another sleepless night wondering why. And a myriad of questions floods your mind.

Is it work? Is it the stress of everyday life? Am I staying up too late or going to bed too early? How is it possible to end up with the same results over and over?

What if you've created a habit of sleepless nights?

What if you could train yourself to create a new habit instead?

The struggle is real, and you are not alone; there is a growing epidemic of people unable to sleep.

If you have been trying different things to combat your recurring sleeplessness with little success, wish you could find something that works or have given up all hope, join me on my journey to creating a habit of quality restorative sleep.

This book is not more information but actionable steps and a guide for lasting transformation to create habits you want to cultivate.

A  few years ago, after my mom passed away, the stress of caring for her for the last year of her life spun me into the deep end of adrenal fatigue. For a year, I couldn't sleep. I had no difficulty falling asleep, but staying asleep was a struggle. I would quickly wake up feeling wide awake, sometimes after dozing off for just a few minutes.

I tried every suggestion friends, family, and my naturopathic doctor gave me. I understood the effects of poor sleep, and getting myself back into the habit of sleep was my number one priority.

I was ready to try anything. The only thing I was not willing to do was make not sleeping a habit.

And my commitment worked. Eventually, I made a habit of sleeping full nights. And you can too.

But Can't Sleep? Don't make it a habit! will help you end the sleep the struggle, reduce stress and enjoy greater fulfilment. It's about so much more than sleep, but the quality of your sleep has a huge impact on the quality of your life!

Much love,
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