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What is the cost of division in your life?

breaking the chain transformation Oct 08, 2022
The cost of division - pain, fear and suffering.

Have you ever considered the cost of division in your life?

The great empire of Rome fell because their armies were too divided. I heard that the Holocaust failed because the German troops were too divided.

Abraham Lincoln once said, "A house divided against itself cannot stand."

And I believe that a person divided against themselves cannot succeed either.

But what does it mean to be divided against yourself?

  • It means speaking words different from what you claim to desire most.
  • It means taking action different from what you claim to want most.
  • It means berating or shaming yourself.
  • It means over-DOing and under-BEing.

Have you ever pushed away someone you love when what you wanted most in the world was to be closer to that person?

Have you ever shut yourself up in a room when you deeply longed for connection?

Have you ever kept yourself from doing something you sincerely wanted to do because you gave way to negative thoughts in your mind?

I know I have.

The gap between what you desire and your words, thoughts and actions is the great division in your life.

And you will continue to be stuck, feel disempowered and lack self-worth as long as you remain divided.

And that's why I created INDIVISIBLE.

It's a 3-day LIVE virtual retreat to help you unlock your hidden potential and break through perceived limitations so you can step into your purpose, feel fulfilled and live your most vibrant and EXTRAORDINARY life!

There are less than two weeks left to join. After that, it's too late.

Ask yourself, "if you continue the way you have been, where will you be 12 months from now?"

Because "nothing changes if nothing changes."

INDIVISIBLE is the change that will change everything.

More details here: https://www.awakken.com/indivisible

It's worth it because YOU are worth it.

Much love,


Live. Love. Laugh. It matters because YOU matter.

Ps. If you aren’t joining me on this virtual retreat that will change your life, would you consider emailing me to let me know why?

INDIVISIBLE is the change that will change everything.

Sign up now before doors close: https://www.awakken.com/indivisible


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