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Do you know why you tell that story?

authenticity breaking the chain transformation Aug 14, 2023
Everyone has a story. Story board.

We all have stories going on in our minds all day long.

And according to research, 98% of what you think today, you thought yesterday.

That means most of your thoughts are of the past.

A past you likely didn't like in the first place.

So why do you keep telling yourself those stories?

How are they serving you?

When I set out to write the memoir of my relationship with my mother, I was ready to lay down the past to step into a new, more empowering future.

Yet, I wasn't fully ready to let it go, either.

I thought writing it down would help me.

The stories could go on existing on paper, allowing me to make room for new, more empowering stories.

I could then step fully into the person I felt I was deep down, underneath old memories, stories and reactions.

Writing increased my awareness of how we are all attached to our old stories.

A part of us is holding on because we feel those stories define us somehow. They helped us survive the past, and we don't know who we would be without them.

Except that your old story has no power to transform your life or the lives of those who need to hear that story until you know why you are telling that story.

The power of your story is in the reason you are telling it.

While the retelling of your story is designed to help you process that story, the transformation we all seek only happens when we deeply know why we are telling it.

So, do you know why you are telling that old recycled story?

What is the lesson? What is the value and benefit? What is the transformative power of that story?

You won't be able to let it go until you can speak of that story from a place of empowerment.

Your past story exists as a means to help you become the person who has overcome it. It's a vehicle of transformation to who you are meant to become.

It's like an acorn ever straining to become the fullness programmed into it to become the mighty oak tree.

You become that person when you know why telling your story matters.

Are you ready to be transformed by your story?

It's time, and it matters. Someone is waiting to hear your story of transformation because it's their story too.

Need help to transcend that story? Reach out.

Much love,
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