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Which one wins? Fear or Courage?

Aug 11, 2022

What would life be like if you ALWAYS had access to a deep well of confidence from within you?

What would change for you – personally and professionally?

I've been pondering this for myself recently.

How has lack of confidence or impostor syndrome been holding me back?

What experiences have I missed out on because I told myself I was not confident enough?

A few years ago, I entered a 24-hour orienteering race with my husband. If you don't know what orienteering is, it's basically using a compass and environmental landmarks to find specific points.

The day of the challenge was cold and rainy.

But we set out to find as many points as possible anyway.

If you follow the map and contour lines, you might avoid rugged terrain. But at the same time, navigating harsh terrain can get you to a point faster than going around the problematic parts.

At one point, we were scaling a large rock to get to the top.

It was wet and slippery.

Halfway through the climb, I looked up at my husband, who was already at the top and said, "I can't do this. I am afraid."

Fear is a lot like confidence.

They are close friends. Maybe even relatives?

My husband looked down with his confident smile and said, "it's good to have a healthy dose of fear in a dangerous situation. Courage is doing it anyway."

Ah, courage. That's another friend of confidence.

You see, fear, lack of confidence and lack of courage, they are a healthy part of making difficult decisions and taking action.

We go wrong thinking that their presence means we cannot do it or it's just not meant to be for us.

On the contrary, their presence signals that this is important to you.
And if it's important to you, guess what?

Yup, you guessed it, it means it's meant to be for you.

You would not be given a seed of potential for something not meant to be for you.

Your dreams, desires and yearnings are seeds that want to reach their potential.

And it's then up to you to decide, in light of the fear, and lack of confidence or courage that you feel, if this is still something you really want. If not, it's not really a desire or yearning.

It's more of a wishful thinking.

But if the desire is strong, despite the fear, lack of confidence or courage, then it's a sign it is meant to be for you. You have everything you need to achieve it.

Except, you have to take action.

Courage comes from taking action.

And since courage shapes how alive you feel, how connected you are, and how motivated you are, it seems rather important to have it.

Don't you think?

That's why I created this F-R-EE 3-day Workshop for you …

Unshakable Confidence

Learn key strategies to access more confidence and pursue your deepest dreams, yearnings and desires!

In just 45 minutes a day, over 3 days, you will …
• Increase your sense of presence, connection and belonging.
• Begin to see through life's illusions so you can feel more vibrant and alive.
• Understand your responsibility for creating the EXTRAORDINARY life you know deep in your heart you are worthy of living.
• And, yup, you guessed it ... feel more confident!

Register here: https://www.awakken.com/confidence

And if you know anyone who could use a little boost of confidence, please forward that link to them.

We all need to spend a few hours in meaningful conversation in a safe container where we can be seen, heard and accepted as we are.

Oh, if you are still here leaning in and wondering what happened, I made it to the top!

My husband’s kind words were all I needed to find the courage and confidence within me to complete the climb.

That’s how confidence works. It’s a resource inside you, not one you might or might not get one day.

Much love,

Live. Love. Laugh. It matters because YOU matter.

You matter so much that I want you to master confidence once and for all.

So, register here: https://www.awakken.com/confidence
And share the link with friends.
See you there.

Is there something holding you back? Do you feel stuck, ashamed, unlovable, unworthy or depressed? Do you long to transform your life and create what you truly desire most?

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