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I woke up in tears.

awareness transformation Oct 12, 2023

Do you ever feel emotion moving through you so intensely that you just know something is shifting?

Do you ever let the tears flow? Do you allow the sadness?

What if instead of resisting whatever is moving through you, you let yourself be transformed, renewed, or grounded in the center of your deepest knowing?

That’s what I am doing today.

I want to allow myself to know without knowing how I know.

I want to allow myself to break without worrying if I will ever come back out again.

Because perhaps for the first time, I know I am not falling.

In the past, I resisted this pressure, this unravelling, because I didn’t know if I could put myself back together again.

But this time, I know I don’t have to put myself back together again.

This time, it feels like a resting period. I know that I am transforming like a caterpillar in a cocoon, feeling secure, held, and protected.

I am not coming undone. I am becoming all I was designed to be.

What feels like an undoing is the old ways of thinking and being I adopted from everyone around me slowly dissolving, losing hold, and letting go.

So today, I chose to stay the course destined for me. To stay true and be me.

And most importantly, to no longer feel the need to justify it to anyone.

I trust that what is simply is by virtue of me being me.

I saw the image of a deeply rooted tree. Its roots as deep and powerful as its branches. It did not need to justify itself, its existence, or the space it takes up. Nor was it trying to be for everything and everyone else. It was not striving to provide shelter, protection, nourishment or nurturing. It only sought to become more itself. And in the process of being its whole self, it naturally provides all those things without additional effort or compromise.

It need not try to be anything to anyone outside of itself – it simply does by virtue of being itself.

I thought someone might need to hear this today.

If you feel stirred to be your authentic self – no longer swayed by the whims of others – no longer struggling to be other than who you are, reach out! Let’s talk!

Much love,
Live. Love. Laugh. It matters because YOU matter.



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