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The most important relationship you will ever have.

awareness emotions indivisible self-love transformation Aug 30, 2022
The most important relationship you will ever have.

Can you guess what is the most important relationship you will ever have? 

That's right. 

It's your relationship with yourself.

Too often, our relationship with ourselves does not reflect who we truly are. 

We've all heard it said, "if you treated others the way you treat yourself, you wouldn't have any friends.

Yet, we continue to do it anyway. 

Because we think no one knows about it. 

We think it's our dirty little secret. 

But do you know who knows about it?

You do!

I know what you are thinking, "of course I know, MJ. I am the one with the internal dialogue and self-berating." But aside from the obvious, think about it for a moment. 

How often do you make promises to yourself that you do not keep? 

How often do you criticize yourself, your work or your abilities? 

How often do you give up on your dreams, longings and desires? 

Now think about how you would show up for a friend in the same situation. 

Would you say or think the same thing? 

Why not? 

Because you think there is no one holding you accountable.
 You think no one will ever know. 

But you do know. 

And that's why there is a part of you that acts out.

It doesn't trust you to be true to your word because it's been watching you. 

That part of you watching knows what you think and say, even when no one else can hear it. 

If you are unsure what I mean, think of it this way. 

If you have ever meditated, you know there is the part of you that has thoughts, and there is a part of you that observes those thoughts. Right? 

You might realize that though you have a body, you are not just a body. 

There is so much more to you; you also have a mind, heart and soul.

You can check in and ask yourself right now to see what comes up. 

Are you this body? Are you this mind? Are you this heart? Are you this soul? 

Did you ask? Go ahead, try it. 

What did you notice? 

I think you can agree, to some degree, that you are a complex being comprised of many different parts. 

Your mind is the part of you that processes the information you receive.  But the heart is the part that receives information in the first place. It's the part that feels and senses.  And the soul, it's the source of information. Some might call your soul your spirit. 

But most of us are not truly in touch with our soul or spirit. We are not taught to be. Yet, it's the foundation for all lasting transformation. 

Meditating at the soul level makes it easier to stay out of the mind and heart and be with all the information without receiving, processing or judging it. 

We can learn to just BE with what is as it is. 

You might be thinking that a relationship with yourself sounds like hard work. 

Maybe you have not had much success with meditation so far. 

Maybe you haven't created a habit of checking in with yourself, your needs and desires. 

So, yes. It's hard work. 

Just like building any other relationship is hard work. 

But when you master your relationship with yourself – the most important relationship you will ever have – all other relationships become easier.


Because you know you, you operate from a place of honesty and integrity with yourself, and that spills out in all other areas. 

Because as Iyanla Vanzant says, "the way you do one thing is the way you do everything.

That's why you want to invest in your relationship with yourself every day. 

Think of it this way; if you are, or were, in a meaningful relationship, how long would you want to ignore, criticize or push away that other person?  How strong a relationship would you build if you acted that way on a consistent basis? 

Now, think about how that same relationship would be if you scheduled regular quality time, extended compassion and understanding, expressed a desire to know the other person and accepted that person wholeheartedly. 

Quite a different relationship, right?

"But," you might think, "every day, that seems excessive." 

Well, how often do you bathe? 

Zig Ziglar, my most favourite motivational speaker of all time, says you have to invest in your relationship with yourself every day because, just like bathing, it doesn't last. 

You do understand the benefits of bathing every day, right?   

I mean, you don't get annoyed about having to do it over and over again, right? 

I tend to think that your relationship with yourself is even more important than bathing. 

And before you make a disgusted face, think about it. 

How do you feel about yourself when you ignore, berate, criticize or push away parts of yourself? 

Is it a similar feeling to when you haven't showered in a while? 

That's why the relationship you build with yourself is so important. 

And that's why I want to invite you to INDIVISIBLE.

INDIVISIBLE is my signature 3-day virtual retreat. 

Find out more details here: https://www.awakken.com/indivisible

During this 3-day virtual retreat, we will work together to unlock your hidden potential, develop a better relationship with yourself and break through perceived limitations so you can step into your purpose, feel fulfilled and live your most vibrant and EXTRAORDINARY life! 

We know that we are comprised of different parts. 

But I noticed that most of us, in our attempts to fit in and belong, divided and discarded many other parts. 

And that has reduced our power to create the life we long to live. 

It's like bathing without a bar or soap, cloth or towel to dry ourselves because we disowned those pieces as unworthy, unlovable, or insufficient. 

You have the power to create the life you long to live.  

You have been endowed with a seed of potential to create the life you desire. 

And you can feel it whenever you experience a deep yearning, discontentment, disappointment, or desperation. 

And if you have ever felt held back, or that life is not turning out the way you planned, or it's just not meant to be for you, then it's time to be INDIVISIBLE. 

It's time to lean into the parts of you that are whole and complete and reclaim all the parts you have ignored, disowned and pushed away. 

Find out more details here: https://www.awakken.com/indivisible
Hurry, early bird pricing expires tomorrow, August 31, 2022. 

And if you act before the early bird deadline, I am gifting you an extra ticket so you can invite a friend to attend with you. 

The great thing about a virtual retreat is that there is no added expense for traveling or lodging. 

You can participate from the comfort of your own home. 

However, if you want to join me in the Caribbean, and attend INDIVISIBLE LIVE, then message me for details. There is very limited space available to participate in person. 

Think about how your life might change if you had the kind of relationship with yourself you long to have with another person? 

Imagine how your health might improve if you experienced less stress and extended love and compassion for yourself more often. 

Imagine how your relationships might improve if you knew how powerful you are and felt more in control of your life. 

If not now, then when? 

See you there, 

Live. Love. Laugh.
 It matters because YOU matter. 

Ps. If you are remotely interested, follow your gut and schedule a call for more information to lock in the early bird pricing and f-r-ee guest offer. Hurry, it expires on August 31, 2022. 


Is there something holding you back? Do you feel stuck, ashamed, unlovable, unworthy or depressed? Do you long to transform your life and create what you truly desire most?

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