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Speed up to slow down.

awareness self-care self-love Sep 17, 2022
Slow down. Take time to rest.

Are you on the fast train to nowhere?

Are you doing all the things, feeling tired but not seeing the results to show for it?

Have you bought into the idea that the more you get done, the more time you will have to rest later?

It turns out we have it backwards.

I remember the first book that helped me understand this concept.

The title of the book was "Rest."

When I saw it, something in me said, "oh yes."

On a deep level, I resonated with the need for rest. But at the surface, I was hustling, getting things done, moving fast.

Something about that title caught my attention. And I realized this brilliant part of me knows the importance of rest even though my mind would have me believe resting is a sign of laziness.

And by rest, I don't mean sleep. I mean slowing down, appreciating and setting clear intentions about what I want and who I want to be.

Do you set intentional times of rest?

Do you take the time to appreciate what you have AND clarify what you want in the future?

 Because you can't get what you don't intend to get, and if you do get it, you might not fully appreciate or understand it.

 What comes up for you as you read this message? Take a moment to pause and reflect intentionally.

Stay present to it for a moment. 

Write it down and write back to me. 

Let's start a meaningful and intentional conversation.

It might just be the change that changes everything.

Talk to you soon.


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