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The biggest mistake I see people making.

mistakes transformation Feb 07, 2022

The biggest mistake I see people making is believing that their lot in life is all that's meant to be for them. So, they settle into a comfortable job, a comfortable house, and often a not-so-comfortable marriage. All because it's just how life is.

Can you relate?  

Have you ever told yourself you should be happy with what you have because there are people far worse off in the world?

Don't get me wrong. Gratitude is important. We want to be grateful for the goodness of life and even the hardness of life that helps to teach us and keeps us moving forward to find better solutions.

But is it true that life is a burden we must grin and bear until the day we die? Do we have to surrender to uncomfortable relationships because it's just the way it goes? Do we have to work at a job we hate with people we don't like and then drive through traffic to come home to a spouse that does not truly see or value us?

No. We do not have to do any of these things, and you do not have to settle for less than the absolute best life has to offer.

As a website developer, I can tell you that a program is designed to yield the exact same results consistently, over and over again, until you either change what goes into the program or change the program itself.  

Now imagine if you created a website in the 80s. And when you created that website, it was good. It was really, really good, maybe even ahead of its time. Then technology advanced, new browsers came into existence, and website designs dramatically improved. Now you look at your website, and it doesn't look that great at all. It hasn't changed. It still is exactly what it was in the 80's, but by today's standards, it's old and obsolete. Your website has not changed, but the standard by which you evaluate your website has changed.

Imagine telling yourself, "ah well, I guess that's the website I am meant to have for the rest of my life." or "A great website is just not meant to be for me."

That sounds absurd, doesn't it?

So why would you be saying that about your life, your job, your relationship, or your finances? Why do you allow yourself to bear so much unnecessary pain?

Just because it was good at some point and now you look at it, and it's really not great doesn't mean it can't be better. It just means you settled for a program that was ok at some point. And you kept that program running, yielding the exact same results, over and over again, never reviewing it to tweak it once in a while, investing back into it, and making sure it was yielding better results.

It's the same with your life, job, relationship, or finances. Have you checked in and made sure they were yielding desirable results and implemented changes to ensure they continue to do so?

It's not too late to change the programming.

Ask me how I know!

I reached many dead ends before figuring out how to change the programming. And now I help other people change their programming.  

If any of this resonates with you and you are ready to invest in yourself to change your programming, transform your life and create the life you desire, then schedule a call with me.

Don't stay in an old program hoping something will change someday.

"Nothing changes if nothing changes."

Don't decide it's just how things are meant to be for you.

An EXTRAORDINARY life is not for the few "lucky" individuals. It is for YOU.  

That's why you are here right now. 

You know deep down in your heart that it's for you. So don't settle for anything less than your absolute best life. Invest in yourself. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Schedule a call now.

"Habits are like compound interest. What kind of interest is growing in your life?"

Is there something holding you back? Do you feel stuck, ashamed, unlovable, unworthy or depressed? Do you long to transform your life and create what you truly desire most?

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