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The Whispers of the Heart

Sep 23, 2023

On my walk this morning I felt the inspiration to create a story of the soft whispers of the heart in the louder voice of the mind.


In the dawn of creation, when the cosmos were but a canvas of endless possibilities, there existed a realm where all beings were born with hearts designed to lead them on the path of pure intuition and wisdom. These hearts were as gentle as a soft breeze, whispering guidance to the souls that inhabited this realm. 

Among these souls was Elara, a seeker of truth and harmony. Her heart, a radiant jewel of pure light, was her guide, leading her through the meadows of existence with grace and serenity. Her journey was a dance of intuition and trust in the cosmic flow. 

But in the depths of this realm lay a shadowy forest known as the Veil of Illusion. Within the veil, the mind, a powerful force of logic and reason, dwelled. The mind was not content to be a silent partner in the journey; it desired control, dominance, and recognition.

One fateful day, as Elara wandered near the edge of the Veil of Illusion, her curiosity got the better of her. The mind, ever eager to seize an opportunity, unleashed a thunderous roar of thoughts and analysis. It drowned out the gentle whispers of her heart.

Elara found herself ensnared in the labyrinth of the mind's logic, its loud declarations of right and wrong, and its memories of past pain and glory. She became entangled in its judgments, calculations, and worries. The heart's subtle guidance was silenced, replaced by the mind's overpowering voice.

Years passed, and Elara, once a harmonious seeker, was now a warrior of the mind, constantly battling its cacophony of noise. Her life lost its serenity as she tried to decipher the right path through the chaotic forest of thoughts.

Yet, in the depths of her being, the heart's whisper endured, a faint glimmer of the truth she had known. Elara, weary from the relentless noise, yearned to reconnect with that still, small voice. 

One night, under a sky adorned with stars, she sat by a tranquil pond, closed her eyes, and breathed deeply. In the silence of the night, she began to meditate, shedding the layers of the mind's clamor. 

As she quieted her thoughts, the heart's whisper grew louder, its wisdom flowing through her like a river. Elara realized that the mind was a powerful ally but not the sole leader of her journey. It was in the union of heart and mind, in the balance of intuition and reason, that she would find her true path.

With newfound clarity, Elara embraced her heart's gentle guidance and allowed the mind to serve as its companion, not its conqueror. Her journey became a symphony of heart and mind, and she danced through life once more, reconnected to the cosmic flow.

The myth of Elara serves as a reminder that within the clamor of the mind's noise, the heart's whisper endures. To find true harmony, one must learn to silence the mind's roar and listen to the still, small voice of intuition. It is in the balance of heart and mind that the path of wisdom and truth unfolds.

Now it's your turn! What are your thoughts? Share below!

I'd love to hear from you and find out if this story moved you in some way.

Much love,Marie-JoseeLife. Love. Laugh. It matters because YOU matter.



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