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What are you resisting?

breaking the chain coaching transformation Apr 03, 2023

When you think about what you truly want, there is a part of you that will resist it.

Put it to the test right now.

Think about what you most desire to be, do, have or create.  Take a deep breath and step into that reality. Then notice what comes up. Stay with the thoughts and feelings so you can clearly define the resistance.

What is in the way of you having what you most want?

You cannot break through resistance if you haven't clearly defined it.

The mind likes to keep us stuck in a loop of generalities, never quite defining the unease we feel. Because that keeps you where you are, in the known, which is safe. Except that it might not be safe at all. Your mind defines safe as having survived it.

We have a high tolerance to survive almost anything. If you smoke a cigarette and don't die, your mind sees this as a safe activity. You didn't die. It is more concerned about survival than thriving.

But most of us have evolved beyond our survival needs now. Most of us want to experience a life beyond our dreams. And what got you to survive your life this far won't get you into creating your life going forward.

Your mind requires an upgrade. You need to let go of old constructs that got you to survive your life and step into new constructs that allow you to create, receive and be your the fullness of you.

It starts with knowing what you are resisting. Welcome that resistance as a well designed survival mechanism.  And then, let it go. Open up to other possibilities.

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You are not meant to do this alone. We all need support along the way.

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Live. Love. Laugh. It matters because YOU matter.


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