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What have you tried that didn’t work?

transformation Jan 14, 2023

Are you asking yourself powerful questions?

Are you in the habit of asking yourself life-changing questions?

The questions we learn to ask ourselves determine our results and outcome.

Why? Because your mind is designed to come up with answers to questions we ask ourselves.

So, what kind of questions are you asking?

Most people feel stuck in limiting patterns because they ask questions like:

-         Where did I go wrong?

-         What's wrong with me?

-         Why can't I get this right?

-         Why am I not exactly where I want to be?

The questions you ask can serve to expand your perspective and possibilities or limit them.

Are you limiting yourself to yesterday's actions or what you will have for lunch today? Or are you thinking bigger, sending out larger and bolder questions for profound and insightful answers?

Every question you ask yourself sends you on a quest to find answers.

What answers are you seeking? Are they life-changing?

It has already been over four years since I launched Life Mastery, and it has changed many lives. Designing your destiny is simple, yet it requires persistent daily action. It's the little things that you do every day that yield significant results.

Life Mastery is packed with key ideas to remind yourself to commit daily to living your best life on purpose.

Life either happens to you by chance (on auto-pilot) or by design (on purpose).

And the quality of the questions you learn to ask yourself is the surest way to create a life on purpose.

Here are a few questions I ask myself regularly:

  1. What do I most desire to create?
  2. What kind of world do I want to leave my children?
  3. What am I most passionate about doing right now?
  4. What is the highest use of my time right now?

Do you ask yourself questions like these?

What kind of questions do you ask?

Hit the reply button or message me. When you put your ideas into words, it not only helps you clarify them for you; but it also helps others on their journey. It's win-win.

Are the questions you ask yourself serving you or holding you back?

Think about it. This matters because YOU matter.

Much love,


Ps. If you haven't signed up to Life Mastery yet, what's holding you back? If you are serious about living your best life, it is the best investment you will ever make. Guaranteed.

Live. Love. Laugh. It matters because YOU matter.


Is there something holding you back? Do you feel stuck, ashamed, unlovable, unworthy or depressed? Do you long to transform your life and create what you truly desire most?

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