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What wants to change in your life?

authenticity awareness self-care transformation Sep 08, 2022
What wants to change?

Have you ever given much thought to what wants to change in your life?

Notice I didn’t ask, “what you want to change,” but what wants to change?

It’s a slightly different perspective on purpose.

Feel into the question for a moment.

Take a deep breath and turn your attention inward.

Trust yourself and your intuitive spirit.

Then ask, “what wants to change in my life?”

Notice what comes up and write it down.

Keep writing.

Then get up and move for a minute.

Write some more.

Take a deep breath and drink some water.

Then hit the reply button and let me know what came up for you.

I respond to every email sent to me.

You never know how starting a meaningful conversation might change your life.

Much love,


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