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Could what you hate and judge be keeping you stuck?

indivisible parts shadow transformation Dec 29, 2022

Most people do not know this little secret, but life leaves clues.

If you have been in my circle for some time, you will have heard me say that life is a mirror.

Life is constantly reflecting back to you who you are and what you need to see and open up to receive.

The most difficult to see and receive usually lies in what we hate or judge in others.

That’s because we cannot possibly see these things as a reflection of us or anything we might need to integrate.

It makes sense. We have spent so much energy keeping these traits and qualities at bay.

We have been programmed to dislike what those in positions of authority in our formative years disliked – what they kept at bay in their lives.

And for a while – read years – it works. When we suppress these traits and qualities, we feel more accepted, fit in and don’t create waves in the waters of family and relationships.

We maintain the status quo.

Unfortunately, what once served us eventually begins to limit us.

That’s because it’s not who you are.

That’s because it’s like operating with only the “good” parts while discounting the powers contained in the “less desirable” parts.

It’s like removing body parts you deem undesirable because someone didn’t like theirs.

I remember my mom saying she didn’t like parts of her body.

It was odd to me that she would point out what she thought were flaws when we were so much alike.

And how different might my life have been if I disowned the parts she deemed less adequate?

The same is true for your traits, qualities, strengths and weaknesses.

What you, or those around you, deem “bad” are strengths - when balanced.

Suppressing parts of who you are inevitably holds you back because you are operating from fewer resources, tools and gifts available to you.

Just like removing a body part would hold you back.

You might still excel without it, but imagine how much further you might go with it!

And that’s what my work with INDIVISIBLE is all about – reclaiming all these parts you deem unacceptable, bad, undesirable and downright nasty.

What you tell yourself you could never be, what you hate or judge in others, are superpowers you have forsaken.

You are operating from a partial self rather than a whole self.

Imagine how life might be if you felt whole, complete and enough as you are right now.

Imagine how much further you might go. Imagine how much fuller your life might feel.

Because the truth is that you are enough as you are right now.

And it begins with re-integrating the parts you have disowned - the parts you hate and judge in others.

Much love,


Life. Love. Laugh. It matters because YOU matter.


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