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writing improv Mar 25, 2021

These are impromptu writings based on improvised topics given by others in a live group setting. Interested in participating? Join my Reaching Higher Improv Community! Find out more here: https://www.awakken.com/improv


You have 3 options.

First, take a bath, otherwise turn on music, or cut fresh flowers.


What Do You Know about … ?

What do you know about the trees? Are they growing in due season, or are they dying a slow painful death from pollution and bugs eating away at them because they are they only creature able to survive this storm? Think carefully on this. It might be important.


I Bet You’re a Bit Like Me

I bet you are a bit like me, you like the meadows, and nature, and the butterflies that fly overhead.  You like to feel the breeze on your face. The sound of the ocean waves. And you are at peace with it all, in your little haven on earth, wherever that may be. Life is lived right now. Enjoy it fully.


On Roses …

Roses are red, violets are blue, the sound of crickets is what I hear when I am out in the meadows looking for you.  I am not sure why people pick roses; they have thorns and obviously do not want to be disturbed. Otherwise, why grow a thorny side that might prick someone?


On gloves …

Gloves are awesome in the winter because my hands get really cold. The single fingers help me pick up small objects or keep typing on my keyboard.  They are not like mittens, which are so much warmer, but impossible to type with, or even turn on my phone.


On working from home ...

Working from home is amazing.  I started long before COVID started, and I will continue long after COVID ends.  It gives my life a lot of freedom, and play, and joy.  It makes me feel like I am my own boss. I decide when I will have lunch, and even two lunches if I want.  I can go to the bathroom or go for a walk, no one is keeping track.


On sunshine …

I love the sun shining on my face in the middle of winter, when the rest of my body is frozen stiff.  It reminds me of summer still ahead. Days when I don’t have to bundle up completely and feel so much more freedom. Barefooted, walking outside, in the grass, or pathways.  Only the mud is cold then.


On hand soap …

Hand soap is like a creamy cleanser in a bottle. Just a little squirt covers my hands in a creamy bubbly layer, smooth and soft.  The gentle perfume makes me smile, as I rinse under water, dry, then smell my hands for any remaining scent left behind.


On gratitude …

Gratitude is a feeling that lingers through my body, from my heart to my face, and down my spine. It fills me with joy, pleasure, laugher, and so many wonderful emotions. It is hopeful. It is kind. It is compassionate. It is gentle, and nurturing. It looks at the future with a gentle smile, ease, and flow. Gratitude is a kiss in the breeze.


I can do hard things because …

I can do hard things because I am thankful for life and take advantage of every moment to create, live, love and laugh. I can do hard things because they seem light when done together, in community. I can do hard things because of the rewarding feeling at the end, gratitude, freedom and love.  I can do hard things because it’s life.


On Soda …

Soda comes in a can, though it used to come in a glass bottle, and now often comes in plastic.  Which is a shame, for the environment, the earth, the fish, but I digress. Soda is full of sugar, carbs, and often other toxic chemicals.  But again, I feel I digress. It might be refreshing to some.


Losing credit cards at a party …

Losing credit cards at a party sucks. I start to shake all over, wondering where I left it, who saw it, who used it?  Is it still there, between the cushions, or did someone run off on a shopping spree?  Will I have a huge bill I cannot pay, or will it be found on Christmas day?  I don’t even remember where I was last, where it could be hiding from me.



COVID is awesome. Did I say that out loud? I am so sorry. But think about it.  You get to stay home. You get to have your own schedule, pretend that your internet is not working, go for walks, enjoy life. And you don’t have to visit anyone, hug or kiss relatives you don’t like.


On Dusk …

Dusk until dawn I await your return. The sweet sound of your voice.  Your touch.  Your love. I walk as the sun sets. I wake up before dawn.  I wonder if you will ever return. Or if you are gone forever.  Until dusk returns, I shall be here waiting.


On Confidence …

Confidence is like a rose, it smells so sweet, yet has thorns. It is beautiful by day, but fearsome by night.  It comes like a shadow and disappears in the dawn.  Sometimes you have it, sometimes you don’t but all you have to do is do it anyway.


One thing I am taking away tonight is …

One thing I am taking away tonight is how amazing people who might have no previous writing experience write. The creativity, beauty, spontaneity.  Most of all the willingness to participate. To write, unhindered, untouched, with full confidence, and then read it for everyone to know how wonderful you truly are.

Is there something holding you back? Do you feel stuck, ashamed, unlovable, unworthy or depressed? Do you long to transform your life and create what you truly desire most?

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